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Lake Mary Property Management Blog

First Aid for Carpets

Bobbie Witt - Tuesday, March 14, 2017

After a carpet spill, doing the right thing – right away – can make the difference between success and permanent damage.  You can treat most food or drink spills with the steps we will show you here, whether it’s wine, coffee or spaghetti sauce.

Use the wet/dry vacuum first

Getting as much of the solids and/or liquids out of the carpet quickly is the most important part of removing the stain.  Actually blotting and scooping can drive the stain deep into the carpet backing and pad.  Try using your wet/dry vacuum by vacuuming up the spill with the vacuum on wet mode before sucking anything up.  Push the hose directly onto the carpet fibers and leave it for a few seconds, don’t rub or drag the hose over the carpet, move to another spot and repeat.

Apply a cleaning solution

After vacuuming the spill as much as possible don’t hit it with strong cleaners right away this may set the stain and possibly discolor the carpet.  If you don’t have a store bought product on hand you can make your own by using this recipe: ¼ teaspoon dish soap to 1 cup of water, put in a spray bottle and apply a generous amount but don’t over-do it.

Blot from the outside in

Blot the stain with a clean white cloth; don’t use a colored cloth as the color could transfer to the carpet.  Spread the carpet fibers apart slightly and soak up the stain, avoid being aggressive with the stain such as scrubbing and stomping on the blotter.  Once you have finished blotting use the wet/dry vac to remove as much of the solution as possible.

Rinse, Rinse, Rinse

You want to make sure you don’t leave the cleaning solution in the carpet fibers as it will attract dirt causing that area to get dirtier faster.  So rinse the stain with clear water then vacuum the water with your wet/dry vac until you remove as much water as possible.   You will want to make sure you clean your wet/dry vac once you’ve completed this processSave

Landlord’s Duty to Repair and Maintain the Premises

Bobbie Witt - Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Landlords are required by law to provide rental property that meets basic structural, health, and safety standards.  And, if you don’t the tenant has several options that can use.  They could withhold the rent (as long as they place with the courts) pay for the repairs themselves and deduct from the rent, place a lawsuit against you and/or move out without notice and responsibility for future rent.

You want to keep your tenants happy so they stay longer thereby reducing your loss of rental income.  And, knowing that you comply with all the federal, state and county regulations and housing codes means you can respond to any complaints with a position of strength.  You will also be at a lower risk of tenant lawsuits based on habitability issues or injuries.

Your duty to keep the property habitable comes from several sources such as local building codes and state statutes.  This includes air conditioning, heat, water/sewer and plumbing.  You must also give them the right to peacefully and reasonable living space. 

A simple guideline for understanding “Peaceful” and “Reasonable”

  • Keep common areas such as stairways and hallways clean and free of obstacles
  • Electrical, plumbing, HVAC must be in good order and maintained
  • Hot water heater  must be set as per code
  • Roof free of leaks
  • Working appliances if provided

You can meet your repair and maintenance responsibilities by complying with state and local housing code.

While you are responsible for maintaining the premises the tenant also has obligations.  Your lease agreement should cover all of their responsibilities and the actions against them if they fail to maintain the premises and do not report issues to you that are in need of repair. 

The best way to avoid problems is to have a good system in place.  This can be achieved with a good lease (see previous blog).  Use your Move In checklist prior to tenant moving in to make sure everything is clean and in working order.  Provide a Resident Handbook (free download) which will cover everything from where to pay the rent to handling emergencies.  Make sure the tenant is aware of the importance of reporting problems.  You will want to keep a file documenting all repairs and replacements.  Respond quickly to the tenants repair request and use quality and reliable vendors.  And, lastly but not least make sure you perform your inspections regularly.

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